Indien i Langenlois


Experimental Theatre Foundation

Theatre project.

Topic: Water

Before the group from India visited the school in October 2013 the pupils saw and discussed a film about India (subject German language), prepared questions to be asked the visitors (English language), learned about cast system and water shortage (geography), development and poverty (social learning), heard and discussed Indian music (music), learned about Hinduism (religion), cooked Indian food (cooking lesson), painted henna-tattoos (Arts) and visited an exhibition about India (History, German language). An interdisciplinary preparation with 9 subjects involved gave a broad base for the visit.

The theatre performance on the topic water impressed the pupils very much. As they had already a theoretical knowledge about this topic they reacted very empathic when they understood, that this kids are exactly in that water situation they had learned about. The pupils also enjoyed the workshop which was theatre and dance. Many of the kids are still in contact via Facebook with members of the group.

Photos from the visit.

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