estefani lavandera hasta la ultima gota


Teatro Trono: Theatre and Music from Bolivia.

Topic: Water

The visit took place in September 2013 in Denmark and was well prepared. For all lessons Bolivia was a red line all way through. The teachers embedded the Bolivian theme in their lessons.

  • In Danish language lessons pupils wrote a large variety of different articles. One was chosen and published in the local newspaper.
  • In Social science they watched documentaries on drugs and looked into the democratic structure of Bolivia.
  • In Biology the focus was on rainforest, deforestation and the Amazon.
  • In Geography pupils learned facts on Bolivia and about the landscape.
  • In English they read several short stories from Latin America.
  • In Religion they worked on Catholicism and Indian natural religions.
  • In History they learned about colonization and slavery.
  • In chemistry pupils worked with water resources and water energy about the topic of the group.
  • In International teaching they learned phrases in Spanish.
  • In Maths they worked with currency.

Pupils searched for books, pictures and artifacts from Latin America in the school library, created a big display and a film on the coming visit. Because of the structure – the red line- the visit went well.

The Danish students were very interested in the democratic structure in Bolivia and especially in the women’s rights and the high statistic rates of domestic violence. They were also focused on the coca plant problematic and really found it very serious. Also they talked about the racial problems – the Hispanic majority versus the Indigenous minority. Actually the Danish pupils showed to reflect a lot on the Bolivian theme.


A young Bolivian film crew made a 30 minutes documentary about the visit: Breaking Barriers – on tour with Teatro Trono.


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