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Preparing a visit of Experimental Theatre Foundation, Mumbai, India

Collage on IndiaIn Langenlois teachers and pupils prepared the from different angles:


Grade 3 and 4 worked for 2 months and gathered their results in a portfolio. They worked in teams and individually and touched upon a variety of topics:

1)    Brainstorming: What do you know about India?

2)    Projection of the film India between hunger and abundance (about different religions and societal groups in India, shortage of water, agriculture, conurbations…

3)    General information: internet research

4)    Indian topography: working with maps and atlases (Neighboring countries – Urban centers – Important rivers – Ocean)

5)    Hinduism and casts (Texts as a basis for short presentations)

6)    Excursion to an exhibition on India in Schallaburg (Historical overview – The life of Maharajas – Typical Indian clothing – Colonial powers in India)

Religion – team-work on Hinduism

Ll-pres hinduisme Ll-prep hinduisme2 







Art lessons

Ll-prep hænder

We prepared for the visit of the Indian group by creating ornaments for henna tattoos which are very popular in India for celebrations like weddings. Each pupil worked on the shape of an arm or a leg and created fanciful decorations.

We also created a poster which introduced the theatre group to the pupils of our school.


We prepared questions (about food, water supply, traffic, school and living conditions) which we asked the members of the group when they visited us in one of our regular English lessons.

During the visit from India

Students preparing visit from india–       Workshops with all the 3rd grade classes that took part in the preparation stage

–       An English language class for each of them in order to exchange information with English language teachers, supervisor and members of the Indian group; a number of India-related images were downloaded from the internet to help better understand the issue

–       Weekend-excursions to the Loisium and the Ottenstein lake with the Indian visitors and their host families

–       Indian and Austrian youth cook and eat together the typical Indian dish Dal

–       Highlight of the week: Theater play

Teatro Trono in Kalundborg

Teatro Trono is a theatre project from El Alto in Bolivia. Right now 10 young members and two leaders of the group is touring in the municipality of Kalundborg.

Please see www.globalkids.dk

The group visited Skolen på Herredsåsen for two days and stayed with private families from the school. The international line – grade 8 – had prepared themselves for the visit and had one and a half days of drama workshops with the Bolivians.

Finally the group performed the play “To the last drop” for all pupils from grade 7 to grade 9.

Austrian teachers visit Denmark

In September 4 teachers from Langelois Mittelshule will visit Skolen på Herredsaasen in Kalundborg. They will be part of the evaluation process at the school after long time preparations and two days activities with Teatro Trono from Bolivia.

As part of their own training the Austrian teachers will prepare the cultural encounter with Danish teachers and school system in order to use the experiences when they have visits from abroad back home.